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Net Zero

The UK government has declared a climate change emergency, setting into law a zero net carbon emissions target by 2050.

A sustainability strategy is no longer a nice to have, but a mark of operational and management excellence and preparedness for the future business landscape.

Your challenge is our challenge. 

What can a Sustainability Strategy do for my business?

Build buy-in

Guide Resources


External Stakeholders

Drive Performance

Does my business already have one?

Your business may well already be addressing sustainability to an extent...

'A common misconception is that a report of activities or series of initiatives is classed a an embedded strategy.'

 This is incorrect

A strategy is: an agreed set of priorities as part of the business' long term plan, demonstrated by reporting and performance data.

Developing a Sustainability Strategy

At Avon, we work to a simple and transparent methodology to help shape your sustainability strategy.


Develop a vision, mission, and values

Identify the issues that matter with the most impact


Data driven list of priorities

Level of interest and engagement from stakeholders

Current and forecasted business impact of 'do nothing scenario'


Set targets and KPIs for sustainability and decarbonisation

Implement the strategy with awareness meetings and roadshows

Continuous improvement by analysing data and reporting to stakeholders

Get in touch with our dedicated SME today to shape your sustainability strategy. 

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