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How we handle your data…

Avon Energy Partners Ltd is registered on the Information Commissioner's Office (Ref no: ZA617597), and William Clare is a registered Data Protection Officer.


Avon Energy Partners takes care with the retention, processing and consent of sensitive data that we manage and use. We obtain and use all personal data we hold properly and lawfully and will remove from our systems if the customer so chooses.

Basically, we will treat your data how we would want our own data to be treated, optimising your experience on our site and the service we can provide.

As a client of ours, signing the Letter of Authority authorises us to use your data, and share with third parties for tasks associated with the servicing of your account. Primarily sharing your data with energy suppliers for the purpose of quoting, contracting, billing assistance, energy efficiency measures, and other specialist services we offer as part of our consultation.


We will contact you from time to time with energy and account related information that we feel will be useful and insightful.


We may send you articles as part of our newsletter, which you can opt out of at any time by simply replying 'opt out' to any associated emails from us.

As data controller, Avon Energy Partners Ltd takes all reasonable steps to ensure that personal data remains in a secure environment and we will never sell personal data to third parties, but we may share it with trusted associates, suppliers and contractors for the purposes of administering and managing our services and activities.

If for any reason or at any time you wish to cancel your relationship with Avon Energy Partners, or have received this notice in error, we apologise, and advise you to simply inform us and we will delete your information from our records.

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