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Our Offsetting Projects

As part of our carbon neutral service, we offer certified offset projects to help support in your emission reduction programmes.

Our offset projects are sourced from the two largest Voluntary Carbon Registries: Gold Standard, and Verra. We also source projects from the Woodland Carbon Code in the UK.


Here are some of our projects, however we have access to many more and can provide a more comprehensive list on request.

Green Leaves

Pacajai REDD+ Forestry Project, Brazil

The Project’s main objective is to prevent unplanned deforestation in native forests, thus avoiding the net emission of 39,149,842.0 tCO2e over a 40 year period of the Project’s lifetime. This project is approved to climate adaptation and biodiversity Gold Level for the preservation and protection of biodiversity hotspots in the Amazon rainforest.

Image by Marcel Strauß

Solar Power Project, Philippines

This solar power project is located on Negros Island and involves the installation of 32MW La Carlota Solar Power PV Plant and 48MW Manapla Solar Power Plant. The Philippines produces most of its energy using fossil fuels, and this project is one of the first in a new generation of renewable energy projects that seek to reduce the country’s reliance on imported fuel that is damaging the environment.

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SDG Solar P.png
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