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Understanding the causes of Climate Change encourage us to work harder to take action.

We want to engage and encourage a generation that can make drastic change.

Let us help you create this culture in your place of work.

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Climate Change E-Learn

This online self-paced course provides an introduction to climate change and the concept of net zero including how and what we must do to reach that goal by mid century.


· Introduction to Climate Change: science, society, and business

· The role of carbon dioxide emissions: measuring, monitoring, mitigating

· The case for Net Zero: de-carbonisation pathways

· Optional: tailored module about your business goals, net zero journey, and actions taken


Duration: Variable (standard E-Learn: 2 hours)

Outcome: Learners will be able to answer the following:

- What is climate change?

- How do we adapt to the impacts of a changing climate?

- How do we reduce emissions and mitigate our impact on the climate?

- How do we set targets and take action on emission reduction?

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Climate Change Classroom

A full course programme split into 3 key sections: knowledge, awareness, and empowerment, which will enable participants to turn learning into action.


1. Climate system

2. Role of humanity

3. Future scenarios

4. Extreme weather

5. Exposure and risk

6. Adaptation

7. Mitigation

8. Energy Transitions

9. Net Zero & Carbon Financing

10. Corporate Sustainability

11. Building an Action Plan

Duration: 8 hours (Virtual or in-person)

Outcome: The course will enable learners to develop the general understanding of climate change. It will also give them the necessary tools and understanding to take action for themselves, in their communities, or their place of work by integrating decarbonisation plans with genuine outcomes.

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Net Zero Seminar

An introduction to climate change, highlighting the importance of reaching net zero emissions by 2050, and a guide on what we must do to get there.


· Introduction to Climate Change

· The role of carbon dioxide

· The case for Net Zero

Duration: 2 hours

Outcome: A foundation level understanding of climate change, why it is important, and how to reach Net Zero as a business, organisation, or individual.

Start your climate literacy journey with Avon Energy today.


We can aid in getting a Carbon Literacy accredited course, we are a CPD approved company and we are ready to help your organisation take up the challenge of becoming Net Zero.

With our guidance and courses, we can create a clear path for you to follow; In which we demonstrate how to change a culture of sustainability both inside and outside your organisation.

If you would like further information on pricing please get in touch with us today. 


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