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Meet the Team


William Clare, PIEMA

Will has over 5 years of experience in energy and environmental management with roles in consultancy, data analytics, project management, sales, and product design.
He has worked for one of the largest energy suppliers in Europe, a UK-based environmental strategy firm, and a management consultancy firm specialising in energy. He is an Associate Member of the Energy Managers Association and Energy Institute.

In his spare time, Will helps run Students4Students, a national charity he co-founded and chairs.

Contact Will:

Mobile: 07975885944

Clare Bushell
Sustainability Consultant

Clare is a recent Biochemistry and Maths graduate from the University of Exeter. During her final year she focused on the maths of climate change, modelling climate systems and analysing how minor changes can have major impacts on the health of our planet. 

Clare will be supporting us in building and designing carbon emission portfolios for our clients as well as improving the understanding of net-zero. 

In her spare time, Clare volunteers with Care4Calais, helping to provide aid to asylum seekers in the UK. 

Contact Clare:

Welcome to the team,Ben IMG._edited.jpg

Ben Wrighton
Sustainability Analyst

Ben is completing a Climate Change MSc at King’s College London while working for Avon Energy Partners. His Master’s will examine key issues relating to climate and environmental change at an advanced level.

Ben will be supporting us in building and interpreting carbon emission portfolios for our clients and will be assisting in growing our social media presence.

Ben has an interesting background, having just recently shifted careers after working offshore in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Contact Ben:


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