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5 reasons why businesses should partner with Energy Brokers

The energy industry is fast moving and complex.

It can seem a daunting prospect when choosing the right tariff for your business. Because the price of energy fluctuates so often, it is difficult to understand value for your money, let alone the reasons behind the various costs on your final bill.

We all know that time is money, and therefore it is nonsensical to use it up comparing energy tariffs and worrying about bills and paperwork.

This is where an energy broker can help. In this article, we outline the 5 key reasons why partnering with a broker can save you time, money, and stress when it comes to finding the right energy tariff for your business.

1. Supplier neutrality and bargaining power

Energy brokers are in a strong position when it comes to engaging with suppliers. Firstly, they can independently gather prices from a whole host of suppliers offering varying rates and added benefits. Secondly, good brokers will approach many different suppliers in the market and therefore suppliers will offer cheaper rates in order to gain their business from a competitor. With this combination, energy brokers will guarantee competitive rates for their client.

2. Quick turnaround and saving your time

Brokers free up time for businesses to focus on what really matters. By taking the pressures of choosing the right tariff away, brokers free up business resource saving hours of work time. Not only that, the turnaround time for a contract is faster, due to the experience of brokers, saving time in paperwork and tedious admin.

3. Extensive industry knowledge

Brokers have extensive knowledge of the energy industry, especialy the energy wholesale market. By knowing what a competitive price looks like, brokers can guarantee a strong return for businesses. Brokers also know that a bill is made up of more than just the wholesale price of electricity or gas, it has transport costs, environmental costs, and other additional charges that brokers can explain in detail giving your business the peace of mind that everything is covered.

4. Tailored additional services and reporting

Some brokers, like us, offer a tailored solution. We offer additional services to our clients such as energy efficiency audits, policy and regulation reporting, and energy management services. If our client requests additional capacity, metering services, or energy surveying or auditing, we can provide it.

5. Validation and continued support

Brokers validate all bills that are sent through to their business customers. In house teams will review bills and energy data to ensure the client has the right pricing set against them and is paying the correct amount per MWh down to the last penny. We also offer around the clock support to our clients to deal with all energy queiries and concerns.

In conclusion...

Due to the complex nature of energy, and its growing importance at the heart of climate policy, brokers are becoming more integral than ever. By navigating your business through the complexity, brokers can save both money and time, giving businesses the security and peace of mind to focus on what matters most.

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