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Leaving thoughts from Skye

In June 2023, I began an internship at Avon Energy Partners (AEP). With an educational and

research background in sustainability sciences and marine biology, this transition from

academia and research into corporate sustainability proved both challenging and rewarding.

What stands out at AEP is the close relationship with clients to achieve their diverse range of carbon reduction and net-zero commitments. AEP's commitment to client relationships creates a unique space for crafting truly individualized carbon emissions accounting and, consequently, individualized sustainability strategies. Witnessing these commitments to environmental responsibility based on science has made me more optimistic about the future and the path ahead to sustainability.

Contributing to initiatives such as CDP reporting, net-zero roadmapping, and the meticulous

preparation for the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) target submission provided me with a panoramic view of the corporate sustainability landscape. From developing a comprehensive carbon inventory to in-depth supplier and product LCAs, the team at Avon works hard to find clients' carbon "hotspots" and to create reduction solutions that are achievable within the SBTi timelines.

Most recently, I dove into sourcing emission factors for products and raw materials, particularly in the food industry. These factors are applied to our clients' purchases, production, and activity data to understand carbon output. With such a range of factors and databases out there, this task proved pivotal in understanding and mitigating our clients' emission impacts, especially for clients in land-intensive sectors. Excitingly, our progress in this endeavor and database updates align seamlessly with clients preparing to submit SBTi FLAG targets. As we look forward, the prospect of sourcing emission data directly from suppliers committed to SBTis opens doors to even more streamlined reduction pathways.

At the heart of my experience was the collaborative spirit that permeates AEP. The team's collective passion for environmental responsibility creates an environment where ideas flourish and innovation thrives. It was not merely about crunching numbers and generating reports; it was about actively participating in the global mission of carbon reduction.

As I reflect on my time at AEP, I leave with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. The

exposure to real-world sustainability challenges, the collaborative ethos, and the opportunity to actively shape carbon reduction strategies have instilled in me a greater appreciation for the transformative power of businesses in building a sustainable future. I look forward to what the future holds for AEP and our clients, and I am confident our collaborations will not only accomplish industry carbon reductions but also inspire and drive innovation in sustainability.

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