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Welcome to the team, Emma!

How have you found the role so far?

I have loved my first few months being at Avon Energy. The team is small and they have all been so welcoming and it's been a pleasure working with them and getting to know them.


The projects I've worked on so far have been heavily focused on Net Zero roadmaps which meet the requirements of the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi) and specifically, the Forestry, Land and Agriculture (FLAG) sector guidance. I haven't worked in this sector before so it's been a lot of fun to get into the weeds of this guidance, understanding how short-term targets, long term targets and sector targets work together for our clients and taking them on the journey from what their targets could be, to how they might get there.


What interests you most about Net Zero?

For me, the interest in Net Zero really comes in how we, and organisations, are actually going to get there. In the last few years there has been a rapid increase in engagement from companies wanting to understand more about sustainability, how that relates to them and putting targets in place for the future. It's great to see organisations understanding where their carbon emissions are coming from and setting targets to reduce their impact. But the tricky part is the doing, the actions that can be taken that are cost-effective that will have a real impact.


We're at the beginning of the journey so there is no one set way, there isn't a guidebook of tried and tested methods of how to get there. It’s a lot of collaboration and working with a company from a holistic perspective, as well as different departments and an organisation's supply chain to really engage with the process and develop innovative solutions that really work. This can be a lot of fun and when done well can be industry leading. It's also heartening to be a part of when organisations are really engaged. They actively want to improve and understand, where in a world where we still have climate change deniers, and a lot of negative press around how we're not doing enough, is so

positive to see.


What are 3 things people can do to reduce their impact in your opinion?

 I always really enjoy this question and I'm sure anyone who works in the sustainability space can attest to the fact that we get it a lot. But I always say the same thing - education, education, education. It's really dependent on your lifestyle and most importantly, what you are able to change. This could look different for different people, so we need to understand the things we do which have the most impact and ways we can change our behaviour to improve our impact on the world.


Someone who lives in the countryside, for example, does not have the same public transport network as someone who lives in the city. Catching buses, tubes, or even cycling is not necessarily feasible and so telling someone without these opportunities to reduce the amount they use their car is not helpful. However, making these suggestions to someone who drives in a city centre with good transport links, is much more feasible.


High emitting areas of our lives are also those we often don't think about. According to the campaign group Make My Money Matter, switching to a green pension is 21 times more effective than changing your household energy provider to a renewable energy tariff, never flying again and cutting out meat from your diet ( So, those who have pensions are encouraged to have a conversation with their employers about where their savings are invested and how moving their pension can benefit people and planet.


Education is a powerful tool to help us understand the way we live our lives and how we can make a real difference in the world. I urge anyone reading this to have a google, see what changes you can make and keep doing, and know that even the smallest change does make a difference.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I love being active, whether that’s running, swimming, stand up paddle boarding or hiking. I'm a huge fan of an adventure, so travel is a big passion of mine but this can be anything from a trip to Parisian Christmas markets, diving in the Galapagos, or just exploring the wonderous streets of London finding something you'd never thought of before to do (electric shuffle board was a great experience!). I also love anything food related - dinner, breakfast or a wine and cheese night with my friends is always a go to on my weekends.

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