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Avon Energy at Innovation Zero Congress

The 24-25th May saw leaders in cleantech innovation come together in Olympia London, and naturally, we went down to check things out.

Panels, interviews and showcases took place all day across 8 stages and 200 exhibitors set up in the centre to demonstrate low carbon business and innovation and connect with investors and future partners.

We attended a wide range of talks and discussions covering topics such as vertical farming, AI in climate tech policy, resilience and net zero in supply chains, and the UK's Mission Zero update (net zero policy pathway). We heard from UK start-ups pitching their ground breaking technology and ideas and met a range of exhibitors to discuss what they do and their role in a low carbon future.

India, from the Avon Energy team had this to say: "I was particularly interested to listen to Chris Skidmore's interview with Joanna Gosling about the government's Mission Zero report, the governments attitude to climate change and the opportunity offered by being an initiator in the low carbon transition as well as the risks of being left behind due to inaction. I was also fascinated to hear a panel discussing the challenges and opportunities in vertical farming and was surprised to discover that a third of basil consumed in the UK has been grown in a vertical farm!"

Will AEP's founder, shared his thoughts: "Overall a great mix of innovative tech, carbon data management, and the wider policy and finance landscape. One particularly interesting project was the Lithium Battery Refinery scheduled for completion in 2026 in Teeside. However, upon hearing 7 of those refineries are needed per year up to 2030 to hit 1.5C pathway was sobering, and emphasised the incredible scale and pace needed to realise the transition."

A key theme across the different talks we attended was many of the technologies we heard from are not just in the future but are technologies of today. The importance of information and data sharing to solve climate related challenges and streamline solutions was also highlighted in many different talks, particularly easy accessibility of open source data, with value being unlocked across all sectors from technology to policy. Listening to various panels and discussions generally with exhibitors was fascinating but there were also many conversations directly related to topics we have been working on at Avon Energy Partners. There was a significant presence of CCUS exhibitors through which we engaged in interesting conversations about offsets and carbon removal, gaining insights which we can pass on in our projects. The panel discussing decarbonising supply chains had thoughts also directly applicable to many of our clients, who are facing similar challenges to those discussed.

The overall message from Innovation Zero was on the importance of financiers, businesses and governments collaborating and the need for immediate action. It was an interesting and exciting day and a wonderful opportunity to hear from leaders and innovators, learn about new technologies and initiatives and listen to conversation about challenges and solutions. It was an event we left feeling inspired and motivated to act.

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