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Welcome to the team, Clare!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

It's a pleasure to welcome our newest member of the Avon Energy team, Clare!

Clare will be joining us at Avon Energy for a 3 month internship. She'll be helping us to interpret the data to build carbon reduction strategies for our clients, while supporting us in managing our carbon offset portfolio.

I caught up with Clare last week to discuss joining the team, here's a bit about her:

"I am a recent graduate from the University of Exeter. Since graduating I've been busy volunteering for Care4Calais and working on the alpine slopes in Switzerland.

At the University of Exeter, I studied Biochemistry and Maths. In my final year I focused on the maths of climate change, modelling climate systems and analysing how minor shifts have major impacts on the health of our planet.

What was the deciding factor in joining the team?

"I am a sustainability enthusiast and am always trying to make changes to my lifestyle to reduce my carbon footprint.

I am excited to be part of the Avon Energy Partners team and collaborate with a range of businesses, analysing carbon emissions at various sites across the UK and ultimately having a positive impact on the climate crisis."

What's one thing you do in your day to day to reduce your carbon footprint?

"I have been a vegetarian since a very young age, however recently I have chosen to greatly reduce my eggs and dairy intake, reducing my carbon footprint."

And last but not least, a fun fact about you?

"Alongside my degree I made regular trips to the North Devon coast, taking any opportunity to put on a wetsuit and have a surf, even when it was snowing…

Also, I love goats!"

Welcome to the team!

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