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Welcome to the team, Danial!

It's my pleasure to announce that Danial Riaz will be joining us at Avon Energy Partners as Business Development Manager! Alongside a Masters in Energy Policy at the Hertie School in Berlin, Danial will work on engaging with clients internationally to develop carbon reduction and offsetting projects.

Since the beginning of the year, we've been enhancing our service to incorporate a holistic carbon management solution. This process has involved numerous conversations, international zoom calls, and coffee catch ups to bring the many moving parts of carbon management together. These conversations have since snowballed into genuine action and streamlined delivery for our clients.

As an organisation, we can map out the carbon impact of a business, provide solutions and training, and develop a bespoke carbon offset portfolio. We have also enhanced our carbon neutral accreditation service and long term Net Zero planning tool, with the help of our dedicated business partnerships, to enable our clients to keep track of their carbon and verify the reduction of it.

We look forward to bringing Danial on board and working more closely with clients in the project development space internationally, which we believe is fundamental to enabling greater global climate action and cooperation.

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