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Welcome to the team, Danielle!

It is a pleasure to introduce and welcome, Danielle, our newest member of the Avon Energy team!

Danielle will be joining us remotely from London as a Net Zero intern. Danielle will be focusing on our latest Net Zero strategy project with an international digital agency, furthering our E-learning platform and will be supporting our social media presence.

We caught up with Danielle recently to discuss her joining the team, here is a bit about her:

I am a recent Environmental Science graduate from Newcastle University. My final year focused on the renewable energy sector, specific to a small-scale Biofuel power plant in East Africa, generating electricity using biomass. This has sparked my interest in combatting global consumption of fossil fuels, simultaneous to the increasing demand of electricity, exhausting natural resources and rapidly increasing GHG emissions.

What was the deciding factor in joining the Avon Energy team?

As an environmentalist, the importance for reducing emissions and general climate action is a key interest of mine. I am excited to join the Avon Energy Partners team to support science-based targets with businesses in achieving Net Zero goals, while developing interactive educational platforms.

Having completed work experience in the field of waste management, I am always looking to create sustainable solutions for climate change mitigation.

What’s one thing you do day-to-day to reduce your carbon footprint?

Besides ditching fast fashion, I have reduced my carbon footprint by shifting to a plant-based diet focused on supporting local and seasonal produce.

Lastly, what do you like to do in your spare time?

In addition to completing a marine biology course, I love scuba diving and exploring coral reefs!

Great to have you onboard and welcome to the team, Danielle!

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