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Welcome to the team, Udeme!

It is a pleasure to introduce and welcome, Udeme, our newest member of the Avon Energy team!

Udeme will be supporting us in assessing energy, fuel, and emissions data for our clients to help them reach their net-zero targets. He will also be supporting in growing other areas of the business.

We caught up with Udeme recently to discuss him joining the team, here is a bit about him:

I recently completed my MSc degree in Energy Engineering with Environmental Management at the University of East Anglia (UEA). Studying at UEA really exposed me to reasons to be more passionate about sustainability. Before starting my MSc degree, I was privileged to work on cutting edge engineering projects aimed at the reduction of carbon emissions both in Nigeria and the UK.

In Nigeria, I worked in helping reduce energy usage in various building facilities. I also worked on the project that delivered the first renewables-powered commercial electric

vehicle charging station in Nigeria. I hope to continue being involved in sustainability-related

projects at Avon Energy.

What was the deciding factor in joining the Avon Energy team?

Besides my professional interests and experiences which align with Avon’s goal of creating a sustainable world, I was drawn to the team because I got the sense that I will be joining a team with an atmosphere of friendliness and understanding.

What’s one thing you do day-to-day to reduce your carbon footprint?

I try to reduce my carbon footprint by daily managing my energy usage with simple acts like always turning the lights off when not in use.

Lastly, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to play golf and racket sports like table tennis, badminton and squash. I also love running when the weather is great.

Great to have you on the team, Udeme!

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